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WebDAV - Browse the repositories with a webbrowser

With your browser go to http://downtown.trilo.de/svn.

You can see the directories and navigate in them and copy single files to your disk.

For holding a workspace on your drive, you need to use svn.exe or install a TortoiseSVN client on your machine.

For writing back your changes, you must be a team member.

How to setup your local workspace

How to access Subversion repositories and maintain a workspace means a working copy?

Prepare yourself a local workingspace with TortoiseSVN or the native Subversion commandline client svn.exe

For details see the Subversion Book (our archived version Svn-book.pdf 1378 KB or a possibly newer version). Below is a quick'n'dirty description.

(1) Fetch the TurtoiseSVN installation file from http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads .

(2) Install TurtoiseSVN on your local station. In your Windows Explorer, you will then find a context menu to work with SVN repositories over the network.

(3) Make two settings by right-clicking any item in the Windows Explorer and selecting TortoiseSVN-Settings: (1) Activate option "Set filedates to the last commit-time". (2) Activate option "Use _svn instead of .svn directories", a recommendation for Visual Studio projects.

(4) To garantee the network connection to the repository, first visit it directly with your browser under http://downtown.trilo.de/svn . This eventually makes an authentication dialog appear, so you can establish the connection in advance.

(5) On your local disk, make a directory called workspace for your local repository working copies to work with.

(6) Inside your local workspace, make a directory with the name of the wanted project.

(7) Rightclick the new empty project directory and select Checkout. You will be asked for the URL of the wanted repository. Type it, e.g. "http://downtown.trilo.de/svn/vv" or "http://downtown.trilo.de/svn/v4net" and get fresh files.

(8) After working, you want save your work. Rightclick the project directory in the Windows Explorer and select TortoiseSVN-Commit. Add a short log text in the usual style.

(9) Next day you begin with TortoiseSVN Update, to integrate eventual other team members contributions.

Tips and tricks

For working with many directories simultaneously, you can either (1) just mark the directories in Windows Explorer and apply your Subversion command to many workspaces simultaneous, or (2) you can use batch files with Subversion commandline client commands. If you first have created yourself the Tools Workspace, you can directly use the batchfiles svn-bulk-checkout.bat or svn-bulk-update.bat (sorry, not available at the moment).


Comments and snippets

The SVN global-ignore-pattern should be set to certain VS filetypes:
- *.ncb (The file containing the intellisense information. Often 1 MB or more)
- *.suo (Check - what exactly is this?)   (20070316°150102)

The mentioned batchfiles: print them on site.   (20080617°2021)

Datenschutz Imprint

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