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Lexware Import/Export How to export/import bookings from V4 to/from Lexware.   (Receipt 20081031°1822)
Custom import from spreadsheets How to run the customer script to import contacts and articles from Excel tables. This only applies to specific customer situations.   (Receipt 20091014°0123)
Bankingcommander Banking Commander Help File. About the Tool for HBCI data transfer.   (Manual 20081031°1821)
V4Net Anwenderhandbuch Primer for V4Net holliday appartments brokerage web interface (in german language).   (Manual 20081026°1421)
Brokerage Document Flow Diagram Brokerage Document Flow Diagram
The specific rules inside Brokerage Documents. How one Master Lineitem garantees three or four Slave Lineitems.
Deployment Flow Diagram Deployment Flow Diagram
The largegrain structure of repositories and their interaction during compilation and deployment.

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