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Trilo - Downtown - V4


Here a short profile of Joes/V4/V4Net/Trekta project and the Downtown Trilo domain. Below the quick answer about What? How? Who?

What? An Ordermanagementsystem

What is V4/V4Net/Joes? It is a open source Order Management System for small to medium companies. With it, you can process orders, means: input an order, print a delivery note, print the invoice and have it booked. If the invoice is not payed in time, print the reminder. Manage your articles, customer addresses, salesrepresentants, and what belongs to the order process.

Joes/V4/V4Net/V5 is useful for everybody who is printing invoices, address labels and reminders. V4/V4Net/Joes is a flexible and fully controllable system. It cannot yet provide blind flights -- at some points you will have to think for yourself. It is open and ready to have your specific features attached.

The somewhat confusing designation Joes/V4/V4Net/V5 does mean the following:

How? By Open Source

The main project is done in Visual Studio with C# as the main programming language and a little bit C++; for special tasks. The legacy engine V4 is made in Paradox with it's progamming language ObjectPAL. Furhermore of course you will see sequences written in the SQL database programming language. There are also a few files in VBA, e.g. for Outlook which is creating textfiles from emails to be imported into V4. Eventually you will find some modules written in Python. All this sourcecodes then are stored in Subversion repositories.

Who? A few

Users of Joes/V4/V4Net/V5 are e.g.

  • A publishing house is selling books with it.
  • A touristic enterprise is brokering holliday appartments with it.
  • Trilo Software e.K. does bookkeeping with it.
  • Norbert uses it for private address management.

The Developers are a team of about 2.5 developers located in South Germany:

  • Norbert is writing V4.
  • Stefan wrote V4Net.
  • Martin wrote Renamer for his thesis.
  • Harald and Michael are listening.

October 31, 2008

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