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Trilo - Downtown


Here the rest of the Subversion repositories on http://downtown.trilo.de/svn. Be prepared to hit unfinished or messy projects.

Project Description Profile
Carom The Carom Repository is this website itself. What? Yes! This site lives in a Subversion repository. HTML, 100 MB
Downloads Archives with downloaded open source programs and accessories. A purely static repository. ZIP, MSI, EXE, PDF, 2 GB
Gallery About the logos used on this site. No repository, just a chapter.
Joesgarage The V4 example database. The Joesgarage Module is not ready as a standalone module, it is an addition to V4. Tables, 10 MB (not available today)
Joesrename This rename files synchronous in the V4/V4N/Joes tables plus in the filesystem and vice versa. C#, 1 MB
Joe's Telegraph Standalone remote executable to input orders, specifically a Brokerage Orders. It offers the user a desktop GUI via Windows Forms. It stores the input data in a local cash. It synchronizes cash and live data via TCP/IP. VS/C-Sharp, 5 MB (not available today)
ODBC-Test Test code how to access various data sources through various languages C++, C#, Python, 1 GB (not available today)
Stacks Miscellaneous snapshots, documentation and knowhow. MHT, PDF, TXT, 1 GB stacks
V4Net V4Net, the V4 web front end. C#, Paradox, 30 MB vvnet
Visual Basic Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook VB, 1 MB (not available today)
VBA Visual Basic for Applications   -   Word, Excel, Outlook VBA, 1 MB (not available today)
Wakati Wakati is scanning drives and folders for timestamps and generates a diary in a CouchDB database from it's findings. Python, 1 GB
Workspace Repositories itself are abstract. To work with them, you have to checkout a workspace to your local disk. Read here how to prepare your workspace. (Text chapter only, no repository)

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