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Slogan : Little tool to monitor file events in a directory and eventually act on certain events (shift certain files away after creation)
Project status : Embryonic but applicable for one specific purpose. At least suited as example code for using the .NET FileSystemWatcher class.
Platform : Windows
Requirements : .NET Framework 3.5
Programming language : C#
License : MIT/X11
Subversion repository : http://downtown.trilo.de/svn/folderwatcher (~ 400 KB)
Download binary : folderwatcher.exe v.0.1.1 embryonic (24 576 bytes)

What is Folderwatcher?

Folderwatcher is a little tool to watch file events in a directory and act on them.

For now, Folderwatcher does exactly one action: If a file *.err is created, this file will be shifted away to another directory.

Great help for the initial idea was Jaish Mathews article at www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/jaishmathews/946.

Folderwatcher is developed and build with SharpDevelop, an open source IDE for C# an other languages, available at http://www.icsharpcode.net/opensource/sd/download. You can also run SharpDevelop from you USB drive via our Gipsydrive project.


Just download the one single binary file folderwatcher.exe. Put it into the folder to be watched. Start it.

It will create a folder named *.FOLDERWATCHER parallel to the folder it resides in. There it puts it's log file and the files it eventually shifts away.

If you want to start it automatically on Windows startup, drag a link to it into Window's autostart folder.


Why did we make this program? Occasionally, for a customer we needed some method to automatically remove files from a folder and shift it to another one. Though there are quite some products out there, which do such job, we decided to roll our own project, because it seems like a simple task, suited for some .NET finger exercises. Then having own code allows for very specific adaption.

The name 'Folderwatcher' is pretty generic. Wouldn't a more specific name be better? Sure, there already exist quite many 'Folderwatchers' out there, and this name is not specific enough to tell them from one another. Anyway.

Where does the owl logo come from? The owl logo for this page comes from the Open Clip Art Library 1.9. It is created by 'Jonny Automatic'. It is licensed under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication.


There are many articles out there around the .NET FileSystemWatcher class. Below some are listed.

Icon CodeProject CodeProject articles FileSystemWatcher vs Locked Files and A Robust Solution for FileSystemWatcher Firing Events Multiple Times by BenHall_io on Dec 2017-Dec-7

Icon 20110902o1723 The original Microsoft FileSystemWatcher class documentation (english version for .NET 3.5)

Icon 20110902o1812 C#-Corner article FileSystemWatcher in C# by Puran Mehra

Icon 20110902o1812 C#-Corner article Detecting File Changes using FileSystemWatcher by Thiagarajan Alagarsamy

Icon 20110902o1812 C#-Corner article How to: Use FileSystemWatcher to listen to local drives by Jaish Mathews. This article was our guide for the initial code.

Icon 20110902o1812 C#-Corner article Monitoring File system in c# like file created changed, deleted, renamed by Hiren Soni.

Icon 20110902o1812 C#-Corner articles Monitoring File System using FileSystemWatcher Class - Part 1 and Part 2 by Mokhtar B.

Icon Robot-Eye Egghead Cafe thread Moving files from one folder to another by toink toink on 2006-Mar-09.

And of course exist many ready made programs doing the job. Below is an incomplete list after a quick search.

Icon CodeProject Download with CodeProject article Run TaskScheduler on Folder Change by BMicka on 2017-Oct-19

Icon Robot-Eye FileWatcher www.datamystic.com/filewatcher.html (v2.9.2) by Datamystic, costs e.g. Single User License about 24.94 USD, with 30 day evaluation period

Icon Robot-Eye Project Folder Watcher on www.folderwatcher.com by Titan Consulting Group Inc., costs per computer 89.95 USD, free trial available.

Icon Robot-Eye Public Folder Watcher on www.artfulbits.com/Products/PublicFolderWatcher.aspx by ArtfulBits (Components for Microsoft® SharePoint®), 35.00 USD

Icon Robot-Eye Boxoft Folder Watcher on www.boxoft.com/folder-watcher , costs 27 USD, free trial available.

Icon Robot-Eye Folder Watcher on Softpedia no more available http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/File-Management/Folder-Watcher-GeorgeOakes.shtml by George Oakes, Freeware. (Webshots mht pdf png )

Icon Robot-Eye File and Folder Watcher on www.brothersoft.com/file-and-folder-watcher-185952.html (v2.9.2 24.95 USD) (Check - is this the same as above FileWatcher by Datamystic?)

Icon Robot-Eye FolderWatcher as just one feature inside the Digital Media Converter Pro www.deskshare.com/help/dmcpro/FolderWatcher.aspx (3.27)


You are welcome to feedback any comments. Just any wiki- or comment-feature is not available, so please send me an email to Email, and I will put your text here.


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