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Trilo - Downtown - Edit-Point-Static



Target Description Workaround Status Issue-Id
WPS In config.php is a workaround inserted, which is lost after doing some configurations. Implement this workaround in the code which generates the config.inc Repair that seqence manually with a text editor. TODO 20110327°2121
When inserting a new edit point with a link, the link goes to folder editpoint instead editpointstatic.
 Fix it in the browser addres input field
 TODO 20110327°1822
Edit-Point-Static When inserting a new edit point, the file for file_get_contents() has an absloute path, but should better have a relative path. ?  TODO 20110327°1821
TinyMCE Paragraphs containing entities like '& l t ;' and '& g t ;' will be broken by TinyMCE. E.g. in the middle of editpointstatic.html. Note that we located the mentioned example outside of the editrange. None.
Solved with fix 20100902°0021 using the PHP function htmlentities(). See  http://wiki.moxiecode.com/index.php/TinyMCE: FAQ #TinyMCE_encodes_. 3C_and_. 3E_characters_ in_written_text.3F (20100901°2021).

Does not do linebreaks in long words e.g. the pathes given in issue 20100820°1901, so the table goes way over the right border of the chapter div! Other browsers break that at the slashes. A nice comprehensive article about the SHY is at http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/shy.html (20100821°1241)

In the source html, conditional linebreaks, e.g. ­.
In a table when starting to fill in text in a cell, it mostly prependes a blank. Is this a bug or a feature?
Remove the blank manually.
Edit-Point When creating a new editpoint with a link inside a php file, it wraps the php part wrongly with the PHP tags '', and does not wrap the HTML part, which should be wrapped with 'print ("' ... '");'
Edit the link manually.   20100820°1901
Edit-Point When creating a new editpoint with a link, the link in the target page is wrong if our folder is not the Apache DocumentDir, but an alias. In the path to the data dir, it uses Apaches DocumentDir instead of the alias directory, we actually are in. It puts e.g. $point = file_get_contents(­'G:/­work/­downtown/­app.apache/­trunk/­htdocs/­editpointstatic/­data/­EDITPOINT001.txt'); instead of 'G:/work/­downtown/­editpointstatic/­trunk/­editpointstatic/­data/­EDITPOINT001.txt' or still better just the relative 'editpointstatic/data/EDITPOINT001.txt'.
Edit the link manually.   20100820°1901
In Google Chrome, TinyMCE does mostly not show the WYSWIG control, but only the plaintext control. But sometimes the WYSWIG works. Why is this so, and can it be fixed?
TinyMCE The setting is 'Convert Headers To Strong' = False. But it does convert anyway. So how to preserve the h1 tag?
TinyMCE In TinyMCE, how to switch on/off Visual control characters and other plugins?     20100817°1021
Edit-Point When inserting an edit-point, the edit-link is given absolute, we want it relative.     20100817°1041
Edit-Point After editing via the edit link from the original page, we want return to the original page, not to the Edit-Point edit page.     20100817°2323
Edit-Point-Static Not yet tested: Files with other names than index.html on other places than Edit-Point's parent folder.   Done (20100818°0841) 20100817°2322
Edit-Point-Static The normal operation mode and the static-edit mode cannot coexist yet.   Done (20100818°1541) 20100817°2321
Infrastructure Relocate Project Repository from url 'reserve' to url 'editpointstatic'.   Done (20100816°2121) 20100818°0801


Target Description Workaround Status Issue-Id
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Target Description Workaround Status Issue-Id
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