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This chapter were more exactly named 'Scheme' or TinyScheme, one of many Schemo implementations, even more precisely 'Script-Fu', which is the GIMP built in scripting language.




(Collection of links chronological youngest on top)

Caregie Mellon School of Computer Science   Revised(4) Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme   with e.g. chapter   http://www.cs.cmu.edu/Groups/AI/html/r4rs/r4rs_8.html   ... (20111023°1551/1552). Book
FH Wedel, University of Applied Sciences   Erläuterungen zur Syntax und Semantik von Scheme   xxx (20111023°1538). Lecture
UC Berkeley, Computer Science Division   http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~bh/ssch27/appendix-simply.html   it's the appendix to a book .. not sure how exact this applies to ScriptFu (20111023°1537). Book
GIMP-Forum thread   Nützliche String- und Filename-Utility-Prozeduren - Code anbei   by kumbbl 2009-January-09 with some code for miscellaneous file functions (20111023°1536). Thread
University of Texas at Austin, on the FTP-Server   An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation   ... (20111023°1535). Book
Chez Scheme   The Scheme Programming Language   ... (20111023°1534). Book
Kevin Cozens' documentation wiki   Script-Fu In GIMP 2.4   ... (20111023°1533). Article
Article on the site of Dale Lane   ScriptFu – scripting with Gimp   with the receipt how to call GIMP without it's GUI (20111023°1532). Article
Kevin Cozens' documentation wiki   Writing A Script-Fu Script   . Here I found the time function and some file related functions mentioned. (20111023°1531). Article
New Mexico State University, College of Artw and Sciences, Departement of Computer Science: article   List processing in Scheme   as PDF file (20111023°1221). Article

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