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JavaScript ...




SELFHTML Forumsarchiv   Leerzeichen   describes some ways to have a trim() function, though JavaScript itself does not have one. Peter S. describes how to supplement a trim() method to the native JavaScript String object via the prototype property (20111216°1632). Thread (advanced)
SELFHTML Forumsarchiv   Trim   describes some ways to have a trim() function, though JavaScript itself does not have one (20111216°1631). Thread


JavaScript has a full try/catch feature with the keywords try, catch, finally and throw.

   // sequence : try/catch cradle (20111229°1141)
   // status : not tested
   try {
      // ..
      throw "Error one";
   catch (ex) {
      if (ex = "Error one") {
         alert("Exception Error one.\n - ex = " + ex;
      else {
         alert("Exception.\n - ex = " + ex;
   finally {
      // cleanup code


Check if file exists

... e.g. in the Editpointstatic, where scripts shall be loaded at runtime, it is wanted to see if a file exists ...

Article at irt.org   How do I check if an image file exists?   offers some code ... (20120102°1912). Code
In thread   Using JavaScript to check if a file exists   in the tycoonTalk forum (20120102°1911). Thread

Event registration


Article series at quriksmode.org, starting with   Introduction to events   (20120104°1021). ... e.g. chapter Traditional event registration model   is telling, that not two events can be registered in one inline. (20120104°1022). Articles



About the class keyword : stackoverflow.com/questions/1728984/class-keyword-in-javascript (20111206°1231)

About the prototype keyword : javascript.about.com/od/objectorientedjavascript/a/oop8.htm (20111206°1232)

Nice article: Switch On The Code article jQuery Really Simple Tabs (20110930°1642)


IDEs and tools

As with every programming language, the first question is "What is the environment? What are the debug facilities?". The spectrum reaches from IDE to simple Texteditor. Web development complicates the matter, as no single IDE is sufficient, because we always have a mixture of several languages, e.g. JavaScript, HTML, PHP as a typical combination.

www.akshell.com Akshell ... an online IDE with the slogan "Create web apps in JavaScript right from your browser" ...
http://www.aptana.com Aptana Studio ... runs on a JVM ...
cloud9ide.com Cloud9 IDE ... here an article about it ...
www.e-texteditor.com E Text Editor ... bundling with jQuery ... [no debugger ?]
www.sencha.com/products/extjs Ext JS 4 with Ext Designer ... (595 USD or more)
www.geany.org Geany ... a text editor using the GTK2 toolkit ... [debugger?] ...
www.jetbrains.com/idea IntelliJ IDEA ... standalone or as Eclipse plugin ... License: dual licensing with an open source community edition and a commercial edition (58..126 Euro)
www.ixedit.com IxEdit with the slogan "The first on-the-fly interaction design tool for the web" ...
www.activestate.com/komodo-ide Komodo IDE ... with a jQuery library extension ...
netbeans.org NetBeans ... here an article about it's JavaScript features ... and an article about it's jQuery library ...
www.scintilla.org Scintilla ... [no debugger ?]
spket.com Spket IDE ... standalone or Eclipse plugin ...
www.microsoft.com/../visual-web-developer-express Visual Web Developer 2010 Express ...
developer.ebay.com/products/vjet VJET ... standalone or Eclipse plugin ...
www.jetbrains.com/webstorm WebStorm ... License: dual licensing with an open source community edition and a commercial edition (58..126 Euro)
www.zend.com/de/products/studio Zend Studio, a PHP IDE, but processes also JavaScript ...
. .

A page containing proposals for JavaScrip IDEs is stackoverflow.com/../good-javascript-ide-with-jquery-support (20110812°1731)

My favorite pages when having JavaScript questions or searching for sample scripts.

Paul-Peter Koch analyses browser behaviour and presents bags of JavaScript scripts and background knowhow. Very detailed and precise information.
www.javascripttoolbox.com (20110810°1721)   and   www.ajaxtoolbox.com (20110810°1726) Matt Kruse wrote some very nice scripts.
Javascript-Array.com has some nice scripts on board.

About the onload event and how to modify it, so it fires immediately after the DOM is available, not waiting until all peripheral files (e.g. images) are loaded.


Book: Das JavaScript Codebook Ralph Steyer: Das JavaScript Codebook. (20111031°1321).

Book: Das JavaScript Codebook Ross Harmes and Dustin Diaz: JavaScript Objektorientierung und Entwurfsmuster. (20111031°1322).

Book: Das JavaScript Codebook Andreas Vdovkin: jQuery kurz & gut. (20111031°1323).

Book: JavaScript Primer Plus Gabriel Torok, Jeffrey Payne, Matt Weisfeld : JavaScript Primer Plus. (19970613°1700).

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