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Trilo - Downtown - Languages - JavaScript

Experiments Ä-ö-ü-ß

This page is for JavaScript experiments ... click this icon:   [Edit]. Oops, this icon is probably outdated, because the project was shifted to EditPointStatic to merge them with that.




Links to sample code and other help for the Paproz code.

javascript-array.com/scripts/simple_drop_down_menu (# 20110810.1542) This piece by Javascript-Array.com was the starting point for the Paproz dropdownmenu, which is the hook for the rest of the functionality. Only, this was positioned somewhere on the page, not where the click happened.
www.javascripttoolbox.com/lib/objectposition (# 20110810.1722) This piece by Matt Kruse then helped to position the popupmenu correctly where the click happened.
www.quirksmode.org/dom/cms.html (# 20110811.2023) Code example by Peter-Paul Koch how to edit single paragraphs of a page. This does not save the page back to the server.
www.switchonthecode.com/tutorials/simple-ajax-php-and-javascript (#20110816°1421) Code example for simplest ajax application ...
www.w3.org/TR/XMLHttpRequest (# 20110816.1423) detailed specification of the XMLHttpRequest, e.g. how exactly we can transfere a message via POST from browser to server.
http://unixpapa.com/js/dyna.html (# 20110818.1911) JavaScript Madness: Dynamic Script Loading by Jan Wolter (#) ... who also wrote some other JavaScript articles (#) ...
www.bencarpenter.co.uk/javascript-path-to-the-current-script (# 20110820.2021) How can a JavaScript script know the folder where the script resides? JavaScript does not offer a straight anser for this question. Ben Carpenter describes a code sequence how to retrieve this path.
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