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This is a developers notepad for C# topics. Here the subchapters so far:

  1. Intro
  2. Arrays
  3. Files
  4. Processes
  5. RegEx
  6. Gui
  7. IE
  8. Linq
  9. TreeView
  10. WinSrv
  11. Templates




About Debugging

I am using Debug.Assert() like this:

   if (Globals.bDebug_Assert4_HTMLContainer)
      string s = "*** Debug.Assert() in HTMLContainer() constructor ***";
      string s2 = "*** More text about the situation ... ***";
      Debug.Assert(false, s, s2);
MSDN   Writing a good Debug.Assert   is telling some basic usage of the Debug.Assert() method. Nice article to have a first glimps on the topic (20111106°1021). Article

About InputBox

For a GUI, in C# is no built in dialog box for fetching a string from the user. We can resort to Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll.

   // The project must reference to Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll
   string s = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction.InputBox
         ( "Prompt"
          , "Title"
           , "DefaultResponse"
            , 100 // iXPos
             , 100 // iYPos
Codeproject   InputBox in C#   by hestol on 2005-April-21 shows how the dialog box from Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll can be used (20111109°1025). Article

About Inheritance

The C# Station tutorial   Lesson 8: Class Inheritance   shows e.g. how to call the constructor of the base class (20111101°1525). .


About modularisation. Modularisation into projects: executables, windwos, dlls, services. Modularisation into files: classes, XAML, ressources, properties, ...


About WPF single instance application


About WPF XAML in XAML, dynamically loading controls, and the like

  1. Link icon for Switch On The Code Switch On The Code: WPF - Writing a Single Instance Application ... (20110927°1911)
  2. Link icon for The Code Project Codeproject: Dynamic User Interfaces in WPF ... (20110927°1924)


Stackoverflow WPF: how do I load user controls dynamically? ... (20110927°1923) .
MSDN Social Include XAML into XAML ... (20110927°1922) .
Stackoverflow Splitting WPF interface across multiple Xaml files ... (20110927°1921) Recipe

About the WPF Toolkit Extended with some useful controls, I learnd through the article WPF Calculator by Mahesh Chand September 12 2011 and Adding Reference to WPF Toolkit Extended Assembly by Mahesh Chand on Sep 03 2011 . The WPF Toolkit Extended seems to be integrated in NuGet (20110914°1313/1311/1312/1314)

About abstract classes in C#, Ramesh Sivaperumal on Sep 07, 2011 posted a nice short article at www.c-sharpcorner.com/Blogs/6534/ (20110914°1341).


The .NET framework serves many languages, but C# is it's native language. Like for Java exists the Java Standard Library, for C# exists .NET.

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