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Trilo - Downtown - Languages


This Demos area is a kind of programming diary to store everyday programming notes and give them a little bit structure.

General Links

A most interesting wiki I find http://rosettacode.org, which maintains a bag of programming tasks, programmed in different programming languages. The site has two overview pages: languages and tasks (20100308°2242 mht pdf png ). Code
Here is a collection of Hello World files in many different programming languages : www2.latech.edu/~acm/helloworld   (20141025°1531) Files
For how to paint documentation diagrams, Wikipedia explains e.g. Programmablaufplan or Aktivitätsdiagramm (1331/20110809°1332) Ex­pla­na­tion
Article Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 by Tom Preston-Werner at http://semver.org   provides rasonable instructions about version numbers. (I found it linked from one of the Ruby pages.) (20140128°1011) Article
Heise   SoftwareArchitekTOUR – Podcast für den professionellen Softwarearchitekten   ... (20111004°1859). Podcast


(Samples from my bookshelf just for fun)

book 20120430°1523 book 20120217°1711 book 20120130°0921 book 20111212°0931 book 20111031°1323 book 20111031°1322 book 20111031°1321 book 20110718°1142 book 20110718°1141 book 20110704°1331 book 20110704°1321 book 20110620°1521 book 20101220°2022 book 20090404°1421 book 20080604°1721 book 20080416°1021 book 20031212°1001 book 20030114°1751 book 19990518°1520 book 19980605°1750 book 19970613°1700 book 19960617°1309 book 19920919°1238 book 19920421°1425 book 19900123°1234 book 19891006°2100 book 19891006°1801 book 19890423°1234 book 19880324°1428



[Todo: Make dedicated chapter.]


Further possible chapters were e.g.: Architecture, Design, Design Patterns, Factory, Inversion of Control, Labels, Legal, Open Source, Singleton. (20110712°1831)

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