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Image 20131113°1524 The installation file is netbeans-7.4-windows.exe, downloaded from https://netbeans.org/downloads (20131113°1513). The installation just extracts files to the given folder (e.g. G:\work\gipsydrive\app.netbeans71\trunk\NetBeans 7.4 ).

... NetBeans starting ...

Image 20140111°1406
The NetBeans spashscreen.

Installing Plugins

A Plugin Update Session

Image 20140111°1401
The notification area tells there were plugins to be updated.

Image 20140111°1402
Starting the IDE update.
(View the list in plaintext.)

Image 20140111°1403
The updates are downloading.

Image 20140111°1404
The updates are downloaded.

Image 20140111°1405
During the restart, NetBeans shows this splashscreens.

Image 20140111°1407
This are the physical changes made by the update.
(View the complete list as plaintext.)

Installing the Ruby plugin

Image 20140111°1411
The NetBeans Plugin Manager.

Image 20140111°1412
The Help Page at Oracle (view live).

Image 20140111°1413
The plugin download extracted to a separate folder.

Image 20140111°1414
Pointing NetBeans to the downloaded plugins.

Image 20140111°1415
Try installing the updates.

Image 20140111°1416
Show the downladed plugins again.

Image 20140111°1417
Now the installation starts better.

Image 20140111°1418
The inevitable license plate.

Image 20140111°1419

Image 20140111°1420
A warning plate.

Image 20140111°1421
The update is ready, restart NetBeans.

Image 20140111°1422
On the restart, NetBeans completes the update.

Image 20140111°1423
The ususal splashscreen.

Image 20140111°1424
Have a look into the Plugins Manager.

Image 20140111°1425
Have a look what happened in the file system.



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