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Firefox has many add-ons. I like to have as few as possible of them. Some are installing themself, without you notice it. There are only two, I really want: Firebug and Mozilla Archive Format.

Adobe DML (powered by getPlus(R)

Oops, who installed this one? I did not. It's slogan is: "The getPlus(R) Download- Upload- and Installation Manger is a sophisticated tools for an efficient distribution of digital goods".


The Firebug Add-On is available from addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/firebug (20111101°1021). It's slogan is: "Web Development Evolved".

Installing the Firebug add-on
Installing the Firebug add-on.

No changes in the workspace?
No changes in the workspace? Where is the add-on located then?

After installing the Firebug Add-On, I wonder why there are no SVN changes. Where did it install? Only in the local user directory?


Java Quick Starter

Oops, who installed this? I did not.

Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant

Oops, who installed this? I did not. It's slogan is "Adds ClickOnce and the abilty to report installed .NET Framework versions to the web server."

Mozilla Archive Format

This is the add-on I really need all time. It's slogan is "Save exactly what you see, in a single file. MAFF (based on ZIP) is compact and exceptional for video and audio. MHT (Internet Explorer's format) allows you easy exchange with IE users.

Q & A

Where from comes the logo on top of this page? It comes from www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/brand/downloads (20111101°1101).


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