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Computergraphics 'Poolball'

Welcome on the

Downtown Trilo
Programming Area

This site is about the open source projects in the Subversion repository forest http://downtown.trilo.de/svn. If you are new to Subversion, see chapter Workspace how to start with it.

Project Description Profile
Computerkurs The flipcharts for a computer course in german language. 10 evenings for beginners, and 10 evenings for advanced users. This is not code, but a presentation. Powerpoint/Impress, 5 MB
Demos The Demos subfolders hold a loose collection of notes about programming and code samples. It provides space to capture volatile paragraphs. PHP, 25 MB
EditPointStatic Simple Static Content Management System. Beef up your website in a minute, nonintrusively! Excellent primer to learn PHP. This is the predecessor of Daftari. PHP, 25 MB
Folderwatcher Tiny tool to monitor file events in a directory and eventually act on certain events. C-Sharp, 0.5 MB
Gipsydrive A complete portable development environment, assembled from open source components, living in Subversion repositories, ready to run on any Windows machine from on an USB drive. Batchfiles, executables, 600+ GB
Licensing When writing open source software, you have to watch licenses. The license jungle is puzzling, we compiled an overview. Not a repository, just a chapter.
ShrinkSeries A little Script-Fu script to automatically generate a set of scalings per original image file. Script-Fu is GIMP's built-in scripting language. Scheme, 1 MB
V4 The V4 Order Management System for small publishing houses, freelancers and craftsmen. Paradox, 70 MB
More ... From our many experiments started, of course not all get finished or useful. So here is the rest. Various

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Last update: April 2021

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