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Trilo - Downtown - V4 - Cookbook

Receipt 20070518°1601
V4-Lexware Bookings Import/Export

(1)   Export data from V4

Provide the necessary conditions and do the necessary steps.

(1.1)   The Accountstranslation Table

The Accountstranslation Table must be filled in properly (:V4FIRMENDATEN:Accttrans.db), so all involoved booking from V4 will have a corresponding account in Lexware.

(1.2)   The Export Directory

Point alias :ALFA: to the directory, which can also be seen from the station where Lexware runs.

(1.3)   The Export Script

On the Paradox desktop, in the Projectviewer, select the :V4PROGRAM: alias and doubleclick the Tools Script (Tools.ssl/sdl). Select menu item "Export to Lexware", then the wanted year.

(1.4)   The resulting file

Now you can find the file :V4ALFA:Pdox2Lexw.txt, which can be imported in Lexware. Ready on V4 side.

(2)   Create a new company in Lexware

Start Lexware and create a new company where to import the above created file Pdox2Lexw.txt

(2.1)   Start creating the new company

Image 20070703°1510

In Lexware select "Datei - Firma neu..."

(2.2)   The basic attributes

Image 20070703°1511

New company - step 1

Name:   Give it a name which shows, that it is not a working company, but an automatically imported one.

Gewinnermittlungsart:   Before 2007 we need Einnahmeüberschußrechnung with SKR-03, from 2007 on we need Betriebsvermögensvergleich with SKR-04.

(2.3)   Accounting

Image 20070703°1512

New company - step 2

(2.4)   Select prototype company

Image 20070703°1513

New company - step 3

(2.5)   Booking details

Image 20070703°1514

New company - step 4.

Sammelkonten:   In SKR-03 we have 1400 and 1600. In SKR-04 we have 1200 and 3300.

Steuer:   Before 2007 do not check Umsatzsteuerpflicht, from 2007 on check Umsatzsteuerpflicht.

Hm, Umsatzsteuerpflich should be checked. But provisory we can skip this, if we get the error "Sie haben ... Istversteuerung eingestellt..."

DATEV-Unterstützung:   This is normally yes. ... or? Check, what exactly this means.

(2.6)   Reminders

Image 20070703°1515

Step 5 - Mahnwesen.

(2.7)   Finanzamt

Step 6 of the wizzard.

This dialog appears only, if before we had checked the option DATEV. It just stores the address of that office for printing the respective forms.

(2.8)   Datev

Image 20070703°1516

Step 6 - Datev.

This is not really necessary just for importing data correctly.

Mandantennummer:   From 2007 on use number 1701.

(3)   Import data into Lexware

(3.1)   Preparations

Make sure to be in the company you want export to. If the company is not empty, the newly imported bookings are just added, they do NOT override already imported identical bookings.

Make sure, that from the Lexware station, you can see the import file Pdox2Lexw.txt.

Station Joeslive, where the :ALFA: directory resides, cannot be found through the normal Window network search features, since it sits in a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). You have to connect it explicitly like in the next picture.

Image 20071018°1401

Connecting from any joes.int machine to station Joeslive

(3.2)   Call menu item "Datei - Import".

Image 20070703°1521

Select "Datei - Import - Text/ASCII" ...

Image 20070703°1522

Import wizzard step one.

You want import Buchungsdaten. About the profile: if you already hava a valid one, just use this, it contains e.g. the path to the import-file, the fields to be imported and more. If you have no valid profile, it will be more complicated, since you have to create it.

(3.3)   Work off Import Wizzard step two.

Image 20070703°1523

Import wizzard step two.

If you had a profile, the path (and type) is already filled in, otherwise you have to browse for it.

(3.4)   Work off Import Wizzard step three.

Image 20070703°1524

Import wizzard step three. If you had a profile, fine. Otherwise ...

(3.5)   Work off Import Wizzard step four.

Image 20070703°1525

Import wizzard step four.

If you had a profile, that is really good luck. Otherwise ... set each field ...

(3.6)   Work off Import Wizzard step five.

Image 20070703°1526

Import wizzard step five.

Image 20070703°1527

Import wizzard step five.

If we had chosen "Steuer in Automatikkonten berechnen" in the above step, then we would get this error.

(3.7)   Work off Import Wizzard step six.

Image 20070703°1528

Import wizzard step six.

If everything run fine, we now see the list of records from the textfile.

(3.8)   Are we ready?

It may take more than one attempts, until you succeed in a smooth import. If accounts are missing or otherwise wrong, you will get error messages. Repair the error and try again. You have to make the repair either in Lexware or in V4.

Image 20070518°1621

That may happen several times during the import. Should we mind that? I don't know.

This message is probably caused by some split bookings we made on a proforma secondary cash account (Nebenkonto).

Image 20070703°1529

If all records could be imported sucessfully, you will see this dialogbox. Otherwise you will see a list of the records failed to be imported.

It may take more than one attempts, until you succeed in a smooth import. If accounts are missing or otherwise wrong, you will get error messages. Repair the error and try again. You have to make the repair either in Lexware or in V4.

(3.8)   Eventually print the import

Eventually you want see everything on paper now. To print a comprehensive report, you need four print jobs: (1) Journal (2) Sachkonten (3) Debitoren (4) Kreditoren.

Image 20071018°2321

The Journal. Since you do not yet have confirmed the bookings, you need to select "Buchungsstapel", to see the bookings.

Image 20071018°2322

Fill in the details and press "Output".

Image 20071018°2323

Printing all neets three times to select one of the three account group.

Image 20071018°2324

This dialog, you have to fill in three times. Do not forget to check "all bookings".

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