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Trilo - Downtown - V4 - Cookbook

Banking Commander Help

Content :
What is Banking Commander?
System prerequisites
The commands
What's missing?
Version History

What is Banking Commander?

It is a service tool for HBCI online banking. It can be operated in two ways:

(1) Interactively via the programs user interface. Just start Banking Commander with a click on it's desktop icon, and work in a typical Windows program.

(2) Controlled by any other program via its commandline interface. So Banking Commander is a service provider for other programs. It provides HBCI functions which can be accessed in a simple way, via the operating systems native commandline.

Banking commander is a "Single Document Interface" (SDI) program . This means, the window on the desktop will be open only one time. Succeeding calls will not open a new window, but will work off the parameters given in the commandline. This enables Banking Commander to listen to commandline batches, as well as interactive commands at the same time.

System prerequisites

Windows XP/2000

MS Dotnet 2.0 Framework (or higher) has to be installed

The DDBAC component installed on your computer

In Programs - Setup - Systemcontrols, the DDBAC components provide an entry "Homebanking Kontakte", which calls the "Administrator f�ebanking Kontakte". There you must have setup your bank contact(s) correctly


The commands

accountstatement = accstmt

Purpose : Retrieve accountstatements from the bank.

Parameters : account bank country startdate enddate

Example call : bancom.exe accountstatement account = 123 bank = 456 country = 678 startdate = 2006-04-01 enddate 2006-04-30

Notes : It's not yet clear, whether the parameters startdate and enddate really work as expected! At least, if the given start date is e.g. 1 year ago, the returned accountstatemens are only about 3 month backward anyway.

Notes : For saving commandline space the synonym accstmt exists.


Purpose : Retrieve the actual account balance

Parameters : account bank country

Example call : bancom.exe

Note :


Purpose : Close the application

Parameters :

Example call : bancom.exe close

Note : If Bankig Commander is closed via the commandline, then the exit messages are not output to the logfile and the xml file.


Purpose : Connect to the bank, work off the authentication process and be ready for the wanted transactions

Parameters : <none>

Example call : bancom.exe login

Note :


Purpose : Close the communication with the bank.

Parameters : <none>

Example call : bancom.exe

Note : The Banking Commander window stays open, just it's connection state changes. For close the application itself, use the exit command.


Purpose : Outsource commands from the commandline to a separate file.

Parameters : <file to read>

Example call : bancom.exe readfile C:\Dev\Vistu\Vistu\Bancom\bin\Debug\Test-Commands.txt writefile = C:\_Joesgarage_\Input

Note : Compare token   writefile


Purpose : For programmers experiments.

Parameters : milliseconds

Example call : bancom.exe sleep 2000

Note : When programming such commandline based service, which may internally be run in threads, the programmer must exactly know and test some time aspects. E.g.: what happens, if the command calls come faster as one command can be worked off?! Such questions may be tackled with the sleep command.

Note : It works not exactly as expected, the exact threading behavior must better be controlled. If e.g. in a BAT file, successive sleeps plus a final exit is sent, then the BAT file is worked off immediately, and the BAT console closes. Only later, after the sum of all the sleep time, the application closes as well.


Purpose : Transfere money.

Parameters : [account bank country]

Example call : bancom.exe transfer account = xxx bank = xxx country = xxx

Note : Transfer works with homeland transfers. Transfers abroad will implemented separately.



Purpose : Determine the directory where to put the result file.

Parameters : <directory> (no parameter but an equation value!)

Example call : bancom.exe readfile C:\Dev\Vistu\Vistu\Bancom\bin\Debug\Test-Commands.txt writefile = C:\_Joesgarage_\Input writefile = C:\_Joesgarage_\Input

Note : Syntactically not a command, but an equation's fieldname. That equation may be put on any other commandline as an addition.


Image 20060518°1201
The program



The website 'FinTS - STANDARD FÜR SICHERES ONLINE-BANKING' contains many HBCI related documents: http://www.hbci-zka.de .

The HBCI Schnittstellenspezifikation Teil C version 2.2 from 2000-05-10 (see e.g. the locally archieved version HBCI22c.pdf, size 1.2 MB). This describes e.g. the countrycodes and particularities for each country. It is found under http://www.hbci-zka.de/dokumente/spezifikation_deutsch/HBCI22c.pdf (online document).


What's missing?

Error catching   -   If the firewall does not pass the communication, either after one minute a "timeout" message appears, or the program just goes to nirvana. In the code, in BcmEngine.cs before DDBacXml.Svc.SignOn() have some test whether connection is good.   (20060913°1201)

Dialogs   -   Introduce flag which says whether the program was called (1) interactively or (2) as as commandline server. If (1) then interrupting dialog boxes may popup, if (2) then not dialogboxes may popup, but all feedback, be it error or be it result, must be given through the response file only.

Files   -   Provide final places for log and communication files.

Warnings   -   Introduce disk checks and responsive warning dialogs e.g. "Remove disk with key file now!"

Accountstatements   -   Find out the exact workings of parameters startdate and enddate with the accountstatements command.

Data   -   Implement reading the customers bank number.



(1) Copyright 2006 by Norbert C. Maier, Germany.

(2) The program is open source and free for private use. For commercial use, some license fee may be introduced.

(3) The license of the underlying DDBAG module from the Data Desing AG must be followed. In short: it's free for private use, you have to purchase a license for commercial use. Download of DDBAG and license see www.datadesign.de.


Version History

Version 0.15
Productive. Can handle foreign-country-transfers. If command is too long for the commandline, the command parameters can be given in a separate file with the equation "readfile = X:\directory\filename.txt"
Version 0.14
Productive. Can handle foreign-country-transfers, but only interactive, because for commanline control, the commanline were too long.
Version 0.11e
Original sample code from the Data Design AG. Automatically converted for Dotnet 2.0 by the Visual Studio expert.


Imprint : www.trilo.de