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Project Aerialview New to a vast unknown project, the first thing a programmer may want, is a global overview over it's modules and how they interact.
Design Patterns Let's look at our project, and analyse how it implements the industry standard established Design Patterns. Which patterns are implemented, which are neglegted and which are violated and why.
Third Party Products Beginning with the platform (Windows), over the development environment (Visual Studio), to the database storage (some SQL product), up to specialized functionalities (e.g. HBCI banking), of course we cannot avoid third party dependencies.
Programmer References Ahem. Almost nothing yet we have to offer here. Diagrams, dictionaries, definitions and so on are wanted to come ...
Styleguides Recommendations and requirements for project contributions
Learning We want learn to work with OOP, SQL, XHTML, C-Sharp, Dotnet, Design Patterns and Third Party Tools. As our guide ('red thread'), we use a nice eighty-pages booklet by Karl Segiun 2008. It has 9 chapters to learn, we can read, discuss and understand e.g. one all four weeks. This paper hits pretty precisely some basic aspects of our project's requirements.
Tasks Tasks to be done ...

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