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Available Tasks

If e.g. you consider to participate in our project, and you are looking for a task, then read this chapter. Or if you want judge the state of development or maturation of the project, then this chapters might give you some hints as well.

Fill Joe's Garage Maintain the Test Database.
Assemble Documentation Maintain the User Manual and Programmers References.
Steer Modularisation About largescale project structures.
Multiparallel Renaming Task for a novice having a four week practical in Dotnet/C-Sharp programming, trying to leave useful code behind. The task: Write a button to rename files in the V4/V4Net/Joes storage area synchronous in the database and on the filesystem.
Evaluate Report Tools Find and implement a specific third party product, or write a module yourself.
Joe's Telegraph Standalone remote executable to input a orders, specifically a Brokerage Orders. It offers the user a desktop GUI via Windows Forms. It stores the input data in a local cash. It synchronizes cash and live data via TCP/IP.
Repair Transformer A Python file format transformer. Translates ObjectPAL to C-Sharp. Runs already, there is a bugfix wanted.
Condense Tree Object The Tree Object exists at quite some places in V4/Joes. Formulate considerations about how to hold those different trees with as few code and structure as possible.
Consider Undo Pattern Find out details about how and where eventually an Undo Button could be built into V4/Joes

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