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Poolball Logo

About the Poolball Logo of the Carom Repository. That is website itself. What? Yes!

Image 20080711°1323 Poolball Logo

Poolball Logo for the Carom Repository.

Why did we select this picture as logo for the Carom Repository? The billard game depicts technical aspects of the Carom Repository's working.

The poolball graphics comes from http://www.okino.com/slidshow/poolball.htm. The website tells: '1984' Pool Balls'   -   This is an imitation of PIXAR's well known '1984' image. The motion blurring was achieved by combining 128 images together, each of which had the pool balls moved by half a pixel. The image features 3 light sources and 3 shadow maps, a spherical environment map of a pool room mapped onto the balls, a high resolution texture for each ball and a scanned-in texture of felt for the table.

Thank you very much to Okino Computer Graphics for the permission to display this great classic computer graphics in our humble gallery and use it as logo for the Carom Repository. Sincere greetings to Canada.

'Carom' or carambolage actually means the billard with three balls. But the picture is about 'pool billard' or snooker, the flavour with twentytwo balls. Anyway.

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