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Trilobite Logo

About the Trilobite Logo of the V4 Paradox legacy engine which still constitues the kernel of V4/V4Net/Joes.

Image 20031201°1538 Trilobite Logo

Trilobite logo for the V4 Repository.

The trilobite Paradoxides Paradoxissimus is a bug from ages ago. It lived in the Cambrian times from 550 to 515 million years before us. Today it serves as an index fossil for telling the exact time of strata of rocks from then.

File license: MIT/X11 license with copyright © 2003-2010 by Norbert C. Maier.

Comments and snippets

Procedure: Paint, scan, vectorize, store to HPGL, process with V4 Plotter Form, export BMP, decorate three-d texture.

Imprint : www.trilo.de