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Computerprograms deal with highly abstract things and relations. To work with them, the users and programmers depend on visualizing those abstract things and relations as customary soil rooted objects.

In differnet projects you often face radically different shapes, flavours, colors, names and orders for the same things. This is puzzling. But at least in one same project, you should face the same appearance for the same things. That's why styleguides exist.

Our main recommendation: Watch what the already existing filenames and code look like here, and just do it the like. More precise information is provided in below subchapters.

Subversion A primer to harness our Subversion Repositories.
Sourcecode <!-- EMPTY -->
How to formulate your source contributions.
Visual Studio <!-- EMPTY -->
First hints how to tame the Visual Studio beast.
Paradox Help to eventually setup Paradox.
Windows Recommendations for handling Windows.

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