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We want learn to be productive with OOP, SQL, XHTML, C-Sharp, Dotnet, Design Patterns and Third Party Tools.

Through such vast knowledge spaces, we need some kind of 'red thread'.

We found a nice 80 pages booklet by Segiun 2008. It has 9 chapters, and we read one every four weeks. Seguin hits nicely certain basic aspects of our project's requirements. We choose this book as our 'red thread'.

Seguin has written a nice 80 pages book about object oriented programming Java, Python in general, and specifically for Dotnet with VS C-Sharp. We inspect and discuss one chapter every four weeks. Central question about each chapter is: have we handled or implemented the specific property? Why is it not implemented and how do we handle the same task with other means?

Seguin's book points to many further material. So we can make a wide angle journey out of it.

   Table of References (20080628°2101)

   (1) Paper "Foundatios of Programming" by Karl Seguin (79 pages)
        This is just a nice paper about object oriented programming,
        specifically Dotnet. It provides us a shared reference point
        for our further talking. (20080628°2104)

   (2) Paper "Versioning, Virtual, and Override" by Bill Venners
        Referenced by Seguin on page ... (20080628°210402)

   (3) Blog article "Virtual by default or not?" by Eric Gunnerson
        Referenced by Seguin on page ... (20080628°210403)

   (4) Website www.amazon.com/User-Stories-Applied-Development...htm
        Referenced by Seguin on page ... (20080701°1351)

   (5) Paper "Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency
       Injection Pattern" by Martin Fowler
        Referenced by Seguin on page ... (20080701°0924)

   (6) Download-Summary "StructureMap"
        Referenced by Seguin on page ... (20080703°0929)

   (7) Download-Summary "NMock"
        Referenced by Seguin on page ... (20080703°1534)

   (8) Download-Summary "TestDriven.NET"
        Referenced by Seguin on page ... (20080703°1641)

   (9) Download-Summary "NUnit"
        Referenced by Seguin on page ... (20080703°2011)

   (10) Paper "Software-Systeme III" by Stefan Müller
        Contains some design patterns (20080701°1834)

   (11) Paper "MVC, NHibernate" by Stefan Müller
        Short answer for the questions:
        - What is the MS MVC-Framework?
        - What is the NHibernate-Framework?

   (12) Paper "Statische Software-Analyse" by Stefan Müller
        (?) Some theories about bugs and security (2008....°....)

Comments and snippets

About lineitems validation. (H.:) When exactly runs the new algorithm? Does it run always or only in specific situations? (N.:) It is a state machine. The primary state of the record can be (1) newly inserted or (2) changing while exists. To read the state, two or three flavors of the affected record are held and compared. First the ever unchanged live record from the table. Second the request record telling the wanted change. A separad third response record may not be wanted for shorter sequences, since the request can be overwritten, and used as response as well, because it is soon not needed anymore. But for longer journeys, the request is wanted to be archieved read-only for later lookups. Then writing the results must go to separate third record.   (talk 20070717°1608)

Invention Talk Yoga   -   For speakers who talk too fast. It goes as follows. After each sentence, have an explicit break of four seconds, while listening to the audience and reflecting the finished and the forming sentence. Sometimes you may decrease the delay down to one second. Not shorter.   (idea 20070717°2121)

Percent Calculation   -   (H.:) In the new lineitems validation is an issue (20080716°0241). There is a two run backward calculation. First from the given payableprize from email over fixed shopprize to calculated discountpercent. Second with calculated discountpercent and fixed shopprize to re-calculated payableprize. This procedure can introduce rounding errors in payableprize. How about them? (N.:) When coding, we watch the rounding issue only in the corner of they eye and type by feeling. For the bulk it seems to work. For the border cases, we wait for the user to complain. Then it will be inspected closer. Or in the meanwhile something could have happend that solved the problem anyway.   (talk 20070717°1613)

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