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Design Patterns

Architectural Patterns

The architecture describes the basic driving construction vector of a software over all the modules, programming languages, platforms and galaxies of V4/V4Net/Joes.

The wish for modularity, portability and maintainability is best followed by the separation of software layers. Typical basic largescale layers are: user interface, engine, persistence. They together build the MVC pattern.

Pattern Example occurrence Implementation state
MVC (Model-View-Controller) Overall architecture Implemented

Design Patterns

This table shall provide an overview about which design patterns we have cultivated in V4/V4Net/Joes, and which we want, and which we d'ont want, and which we violate how and why.

Pattern Example occurrence Implementation state
Bridge . Find out what this is!
Command Interpreter,
Paradox forms
Not implemented in V4 as pattern, but command functionality exists, and the pattern may be wanted. Should be implemented when code is transformed from Paradox to C-Sharp. Learn more about!
Dependency injection . Compare documentation of Structuremap Framework (20080703°0901). Has to do with Interface Classes.
Factory Database access Not in use. Would allow switching e.g. between OleDbProvider and SQL... This specific task is condidered not necessary for us. But with other functionalities, such switching might be wanted. Learn more about!

Compare annotation Seguin page 16/16 null object.   (20070716°1622 Harald)

MVC (Model-View-Controller) Overall architecture Implemented
Observer . Implemented
Singleton Logging,
Identnumber creation
. . .
. . .

- eBook "Foundations of Programming" by Karl Seguin (20080628°2201)
- Paper "Software-Systeme III" by Stefan Müller (20080701°1834)

-   MVC Framework (see 20080702°1834)
-   NHibernate Framework (see 20080702°1834)
-   NUnit (20080717°2141)

Check   -   Prepare similar paper about Agile Programming

More topics

Learning We want learn about OOP, SQL, C-Sharp, Dotnet, Design Patterns and Third Party Tools. We have a nice 80 pages booklet by Segiun 2008. It has 9 chapters to learn, we can read, discuss and understand e.g. one all four weeks. This paper hits pretty precisely some basic aspects of the project's requirements.

Some Statements about the classification of the MVC Pattern.
-   It is not a 'Design Pattern' but an 'Architecture Pattern'.
-   Das MVC-Muster gehört zur Familie der zusammengesetzten Entwurfsmuster, weil es im Grunde aus drei Entwurfsmustern besteht: Dem Strategie (Strategy-), Beobachter (Observer-) und schließlich dem Kompositum (Composite-) Entwurfsmuster. (From dot.net magazin 2008/11 www.dotnet-magazin.de page 92 article "Agile WebPart-Entwicklung" by Patrick Freudenstein, Frederic Majer and Dr. Martin Nussbaumer. 20081012°1801 ncm)

Testquestion about Design Patterns. What is the difference between a Static Class and a Singleton Pattern? In which situation you would prefere the one and in which situation the other?   (idea from talk Stefan/Norbert 20081009°1641)

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