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Architectural Aerialview

This chapter shall provide the 'big picture' of the V4/V4Net/Joes project. It gives a summary over the the basic source modules and third party components.

Joes MVC Aerialview (20080609°164105)
The overall project structure   (PDF)

Component Description
Webservices Not realized. May be wanted in future.
Commandline Implemented. This is the internal native language of the engine. (Almost) all system actions go through this 'eye of the needle'.
Desktop Implemented. This are Windows forms.
Website Implemented.
Speach Not realistic for the near future. Is listed here just as another example of user interface. If somewhen human-machine speech communication will be more common, such interface should 'easily' be implemented, since the commandline interface basically provides a language communication, only not audio but written.
Interpreter .
Edit Engine ... (Basic Installation)
V4 .
Console .
Proofrun .
Authentication .
Banking .
Reminders .
... (Native Modules) .
Platform It's Windows. Sure we think about other platforms as well, and we keep the architecture open to become platform independend. The Mono framework might give us a chance. If you are watching out for one task to participate in the project: providing first basic statements about running the project under Mono were one challenging task.
Webserver IIS or Abyss
Emails .
Backups .
DDBAC COM component from the Data Design AG. Mind the separate proprietary license needed for this.
... (Third Party Components .
Object Table Not a physical storage system. This is the system wide definition of the data objects in the project. It's source form now is a Paradox table, from where it is automatically translated into a C-Sharp constants definition file and into a XML file.
BDE The Borland Database Engine. This is until now the storage place of the live data. It shall be replaces with a SQL server. This can be done only after the Edit Engine is finally shifted from Paradox code (V4) to C-Sharp. This will be the last step of the transition to eliminate the legacy V4 engine.
SQL Our future live storage system. Until now, we have already a one-way transition from BDE to SQL. But the SQL flavor of the data cannot yet be used as live data, becaus the Edit Engine does still depend on the BDE. Of course the physical SQL server shall be exchangable. Target systems shall be at least MS-SQL, MySQL and Firebird.
XML XML will not be suited to handle the bulk buissines data. Huge order and booking data will remain the realm of relational databases, means SQL. But specific non-bulk data like configuration data or bank transfer data are already handled in XML.

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