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Favourite Websites

The sites linked to in the Demos articles.

Black Duck www.koders.com is hosting open source software. (20111015°1134). E.g. csexwb2 - The most complete .NET Webbrowse...apper (20111015°1133), which is also found on code.google.com/p/csexwb2 (download 20111015°1141), Projects
Charith Gunasekara's Blog : www.charith.gunasekara.web-sphere.co.uk (20111006°1036). Here I found e.g. an article about ShellWindowsClass (Interop type 'SHDocVw.ShellWindowsClass' cannot be embedded. Use the applicable interface instead)   (20111006°1031). Threads
CodeCentrix : www.codecentrix.com, a company and a product with the slogan "Internet Explorer Automation and Web Macro Recorder". (20111017°1315). They also have lots of blog articles about programming, e.g. focus vs fireEvent("onfocus") (20111017°131302). Product,
Codeguru : www.codeguru.com with the slogan "The number one developer site!" is a developer community site. (20111017°1121). One of the threads is e.g. How to get IHTMLWindow2 (20111016°1221). Articles,
Codeplanet : Codeplanet with the slogan "The planet of living code!" is a german language programmers community with articles, tutorials, news and discussions. Download sources after being registered. The content runs und the Creative Commons License, the sources are open source. (20111007°1533). .
C# Corner : www.c-sharpcorner.com is a C# and Visual Studio community. (20110902°1812). Articles
C# Station :   www.csharp-station.com.   They have a very good C# tutorial in 23 lessons and an ADO.NET tutorial in 7 lessons, articles, and also some sources (20111005°1622). Legal status: "Copyright © 2000 - 2011 C# Station, All Rights Reserved". Tutorials,
Daniweb www.daniweb.com has code samples (20111225°1242). E.g. thread Set event from JavaScript Code (20111225°1241). Threads
Dotnetperls www.dotnetperls.com driven by Sam Allen has very good C# code samples (20111114°2122). Articles, code
Google : www.google.com and Google Webmaster Tools ... (20110926°2125). Tools
Google Code : code.google.com is hosting open source projects (20110923°1232). Projects
Hardcodet : www.hardcodet.net Philipp Sumi's blog with nice articles (20110930°1553). Articles
Heise Online : www.heise.de ... (20111007°0512). Articles
Joelonsoftware : www.joelonsoftware.com (20111013°1142). On the discussion site are articles/threads like this .NET 2.0 WebBrowser events. The discussions are closed now, perhaps continued on Stackoverflow. (20111013°1141). Threads
Kevin's Corner Wiki : www.ve3syb.ca/wiki/doku.php about Scheme and Script-Fu, e.g. Writing A Script-Fu Script (20111023°1553). Docu­men­tation
Kirupa : Kirupa has some nice tutorials about web design and Windows ... (20111001°2004). Articles
Metafilter : AskMetaFilter ... a blog space ... (20110902°1812). Threads
MSDN : MSDN is a vast space with many subdomains. (20110902°1723). Articles
MyCsharp : www.mycsharp.de (20111015°1736). E.g. IHTMLDocument2 Undo/Redo funktioniert nicht (20111015°1734). Threads
MySQL : http://dev.mysql.com (20111027°1423). E.g. dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/create-table.html (20111027°1421). References
.NET 247 : www.dotnet247.com by Matthew Baxter-Reynolds (20111016°1904). E.g. thread VB.NET Windows API and IE about communicating with an open browser window (20111016°190305). References, treads
Quriksmode.org : http://www.quirksmode.org by Peter-Paul Koch, one of my favourite JavaScript pages (20120104°1027). One of the articles is e.g. Advanced event registration models (20120104°1023). Articles
Primary Objects : www.primaryobjects.com A company ... offering also some articles and tutorials ... (20110922°1232). Articles
Radsoftware www.radsoftware.com.au is company offering some articles and tutorials around .NET regular expressions and ADO.NET. (20111102°2317). We refere to them in chapter C# - Regex. Articles, downloads
SELFHTML e.V. : de.selfhtml.org about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. (20111014°1757). License: the documents may be copied and redistributed but not changed, see Copyright zu SELFHTML (20111014°1758). References, tutorials, discussions
Stackoverflow : stackoverflow.com ... (20110921°1121). Threads
Switch On The Code : www.switchonthecode.com has good tutorials on many topics on many programming languages. Runs under a nice license. (20110902°1802). Tutorials
The Code Project www.codeproject.com contains articles with demos or productive projects, usually accompanied by a little download. (20110902°1742). Articles,
The W3C http://www.w3.org/ establishes internet standards (20140221°1355). References
The Web Robots Pages : www.robotstxt.org specialized on the robots.txt file. (20110926°2121). Specifi­cations
Wikipedia : de.wikipedia.org an online community-driven encyclopedia (20110921°1125). Articles
Windows sites, e.g. Windows Search 4.0 for Windows XP (KB940157) (20111030°0137). Articles, downloads
1Keydata www.1keydata.com has CSS, HTML, PHP ,SQL tutorials (and advertisings)   (20111115°0912). Tutorials

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